Dotonbori ZAZA HOUSE
25th(Thu)26th(Fri)27th(Sat)28th(Sun)Jan. 2018 / 19:00 Start
Asahi Gekijo
21st(Wed)22nd(Thu)23rd(Fri)Feb. 2018 / 19:00 Start
Great social and political upheavals took place at the end of Edo Period in Japan. However, there was no fighting against the trend of the times since the arrival of the Matthew PERRY squadron. Because of unequal treaties and the menace of other Western countries, the Edo government was becoming weaker. As a result, two new powers emerged. The first was the Kinnou group that tried to create a new government centered on a Mikado to oppose foreign powers. The second were supporters of the Shogun group that tried to maintain the system and reorganize the government.
In this situation, there lived two young men, Soshi Okita of Shinsengumi and Ryoma Sakamoto. A certain fortuity connected them and led them to interact with each other. However, one day, they found that they belonged to different groups; that is, they were “enemies.” Okita was troubled because he could not kill Ryoma. On the other hand, Ryoma was going to change Japan while opposing Okita.
On that day, Okita made a decision. He held his favorite sword, “Kikuichimonji,” in hand and went to Ryoma’s place. Did Okita kill Ryoma … or not?
Theater Sotobakomachi presents an entertaining nonverbal theater piece, with dance, sword fights, and traditional Japanese theater skills. Please, come and see us!